Conversion?! Don’t worry, it’s not a swear word…

Conversion is the process of completely transforming a paper document into an electronic document in PDF format, or converting an electronic document into its physical form. The final document is called an “authorized conversion” and has the same legal validity as the original.

It is also a basic requirement of electronic translation, which not only saves you a trip to us at Překladex, but also to the office itself, where you deliver the translation.

How to do it?

Authorised conversion is an excellent solution if you need to submit your documents to the office/institution and do not have the space to do it in person or the office directly requires this option.

You can have this conversion done at all public administration contact points – Czech POINT, which you can usually find at post office branches.

Like the notarial copy or the copy from the Czech POINT, it contains a clause on the conversion, which must also be translated if you have the document translated into a foreign language.

Storage is not just for luggage

Are you familiar with luggage storage but haven’t heard of document storage? No matter, we are happy to introduce a support system that will store your documents for 30 days after converting to the electronic world.

During this time, the document is accessible from any electronic device and can be retrieved more than once from the Czech POINT website using a so-called “conversion ticket”.

You can also use the storage if you have an electronic document converted to paper form. In this case, it is possible to deposit the document in the depository via the designated portals and then convert it into paper form at a Czech POINT branch. As with the conversion from paper to electronic form, the file you upload will be available for 30 days.

Translation for introverts and travellers

As we mentioned, the main advantage is that you can easily submit such translation remotely and then hand it over to the office without a personal visit.

If you are unsure about something, we recommend that you check with the relevant institution in advance how the documents can be handled. And, of course, ask Překladex for a translation – we are always happy to help!


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