CAT Tools

These are translation tools. CAT stands for computer-aided translation or computer-assisted translation. The software used for such a translation is called a CAT tool.

CAT tools are useful professional programs for processing large texts with higher repetition rates, localisation of software or websites. Thanks to these tools, you will never have to translate the same sentence twice.

In addition to an electronic dictionary and automatic spelling and grammar checking, these programs offer special translation functions: translation memory and a terminology database, which ensure uniform terminology even in a very large text.


We accept translations in many formats, while maintaining the formatting of the original for all editable files. For a non-editable format, we try to bring the formatting as close as possible to the appearance of the original (with the exception of texts where the graphic design is not essential).


We strictly adhere to the rules on personal data protection.
Data Processing Rules apply (GDPR)

Standard page

We usually measure the size of a translation in standard pages. One standard page has 1800 characters, including spaces (approximately 250 words). The price of a translation is calculated from the number of standard pages of the resulting text, rounded up to half pages. For court/certified translations, the price is derived according to the number of complete standard pages, including started pages. It should be expected that the size of the text will increase slightly after translation, usually by about 10-20%. We already count on this increase in our calculations.


We always respond to an inquiry as quickly as possible. If you do not get a reply from us, please check that we have received your request. If you regularly use our services and do not need a preliminary calculation, you can of course order the translation directly, at the address objednavky@prekladex.cz. We will confirm your order together with the deadline by e-mail.

In your inquiry/order, do not forget to state the language combination, when you need the translation by (if you need other than a standard deadline) and the specification of whether it is an order or a request for a calculation.

Surcharges for expertise

As a standard, we translate professional texts without additional fees for expertise.


If your company already uses its own glossary, please send it to us – our translators will follow your terminology.

Delivery times

The standard deadline for most European languages is 6 or 7 standard pages in 1 day + the day the order is placed and the day the translation is handed over. There are individual deadlines for less common languages. An express deadline is always by agreement. We do not charge express surcharges for very short texts.

If your project is large and you have limited time to process it, it is possible to create a translation team that will unify the basic terminology and will work together to translate your text – but this method of translation is only suitable for certain types of texts.


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