Electronic court translations

The latest addition to the world of certified translations is electronic court/certified translation. It is an alternative to a hardcopy certified translation and is made in PDF format which can be opened in many standard browsers.

Ideally, electronic documents that already have an electronic signature are translated in this way. The translator then places their translation with a clause and an electronic signature in the document’s appendix, so as not to invalidate the original verification. Of course, the translation can also be combined with the scanned document, if the recipient agrees. We always recommend checking whether the institution that requires the translation accepts this type of document.

The main advantage of electronic court translations is the possibility of quick delivery, first to the client and then to the institution itself. Another advantage is that you only need one copy, which you can use for multiple purposes.

The validity of electronic court translations is 5 years from their creation, but it is possible to extend validity or have a paper version created at any Czech Point during the period of validity (an authorized conversion).

Please note that an electronic court translation cannot be apostilled, so if you require an apostille, then you need  a certified translation on paper.

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