A website, app or e-shop is often the first “business card” your potential partners or customers see. In the global business environment, it is becoming standard to have websites, applications and e-commerce platforms available not only in the language of the country where your company primarily operates, but also in the language of your customers and also in English. What should you look out for when translating a website, app or e-shop and what services and advice can we at Překladex provide you?

Translation or localization?

Quite a crucial first question. While a simple translation translates existing visible web content into the desired language, localization goes far beyond. A localized website actually “speaks” a foreign language, takes into account regionalisms, cultural specificities, and includes local elements to deliver an authentic online experience to the user.

Buttons and links

Modern websites include a number of interactive elements with both internal and external links (hyperlinks). These can be in the form of “clickable” text and as various buttons or icons. These elements and where they lead in a given language version of the website must be kept in mind when translating.

Other content

Company websites often contain a web archive with ia annual reports, press releases, news and operational information. E-commerce platforms, on the other hand, offer users ia various forms for complaints, cancellations, etc. So another question from Překladex – do you want to translate this content as well?

Don’t forget the metadata!

Translation doesn’t just refer to the text visible to website visitors at a glance. At Překladex, we also focus on making your website “communicating” in multiple languages with search engines, robots or social networks, so part of our translations also include translations of metadata, keywords, titles and alternative descriptions of photos and multimedia.

Automated messages and e-mails

At Překladex, we don’t forget about translations

  • error messages (among others error #404 – Page Not Found)
  • pop-ups (e.g. cookie consent bar)
  • “Thank You” pages (e.g. newsletter sign-up)
  • the content of automatically sent emails (typically transactional messages such as order confirmation) or newsletter templates.

As you can see, quality website translation can involve more aspects than you would think. So, if you too are looking to expand abroad in the online environment, contact Překladex – we know what we’re talking about!


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